Taco Bell® And CALPAK Drop Spicy New Travel Collection (2024)

April 21, 2022Business

Southern California-based brands partner to release FIRE! travel goods just in time for summer and offer early access for brands’ biggest fans

Irvine, Calif. (April 21, 2022) – Taco Bell x CALPAK is delivering the heat this travel season with a capsule collection designed to make any adventure a five-star experience. The high-quality, design forward travel essentials come three years since Taco Bell’s biggest hospitality activation with The Bell: A Taco Bell Hotel & Resort. Perfectly timed for all summer travel needs, the two Southern California lifestyle brands are teaming up to deliver travel essentials fit for all styles and vacations, available to the general public starting April 26 exclusively via CALPAK and Taco Bell’s very own Taco Shop.

In true flavor-filled fashion, the brand’s biggest fans are getting first class, priority access to the collection. Taco Bell Fire Tier Rewards members will score early access to a selection of products on April 23*, along with CALPAK VITs (Very Important Travelers) on April 25. On April 26, the new collection will be available to all US consumers exclusively on CALPAK and Taco Bell’s very own Taco Shop.

Featuring a carry on for an extended getaway or a duffel for a weekend retreat, Taco Bell x CALPAK includes four pieces of custom travel necessities:

  • FIRE! carry on suitcase: Compact enough to effortlessly slide into the overhead compartment, FIRE! is the perfect rolling cabin-sized companion. Soft-sided with a zippered front pocket, 360-degree spinner wheels and a removable zippered pouch, this spicy little number has all travel needs covered. It makes it easy as ever to be good to go from TSA to taxi with a TSA-accepted lock, plus a cushioned top and side handles.

  • HOT! duffel bag: The must-have duffel bag is both lightweight and spacious. With a convenient zippered front pocket, large bottom compartment (the best place to pack your shoes!) and removable crossbody strap, the new HOT! Duffel Bag was made to make last-minute trips all the easier. The luggage sleeve is perfect for sliding onto a suitcase handle to stack packing gear, and its removable pouch and interior mesh pockets make organization a breeze.

  • DIABLO! cross-body bag: Not your average crossbody, this bag is the perfect on the go partner. With zippered front and interior pockets and an adjustable shoulder strap, this bag makes any travel destination better.

  • MILD! 5-piece packing cube set: Pack smarter with travel pouches that make staying organized all the more fulfilling. The set comes with one large, one medium and two smalls — plus a water-resistant envelope for all important essentials. A breathable mesh top, personal ID tag and back zippered pocket help seal the deal.

This isn’t the taco connoisseur's first time in the retail space. In 2019, Taco Bell opened up a real life Taco Shop — à la classic hotel Gift Shop – in its Palm Springs limited time pop-up hotel, The Bell: A Taco Bell Hotel & Resort. It’s there that Taco Bell served up swimwear, sunglasses, lifesize sauce packet pool floats and more gear to enjoy poolside, while offering the same online for those to enjoy from afar.

Although the Taco Bell x CALPAK collaboration marks the design-forward, travel essentials brand’s first foray into the food and beverage space, CALPAK has a history of partnerships and collaborations across the fashion, home and lifestyle spaces.

For those looking to extend their shopping spree further, Taco Bell is releasing a summer collection on Taco Shop on May 3, while supplies last. This includes new travel-inspired items like FIRE!, HOT! and MILD! luggage tags and passport holders, along with the return of fan-favorites for warmer weather like sauce packet beach towels and koozies.

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CALPAK creates design-forward, first-of-its-kind travel essentials that are backed by more than 30 years of industry expertise, extensive research, and comprehensive quality testing. Every CALPAK product combines an ideal mix of exceptional construction and stylish design, all of which comes at an accessible price for today’s modern traveler. From luggage to accessories to everyday commuting necessities, CALPAK’s vast selection of travel and luggage essentials make the journey as gratifying as the destination. For more information, please visit calpaktravel.com.

*A limited number of select Taco Bell x CALPAK Collection branded retail luggage items will be available for Early Access from 4/23/22-4/25/22 to Fire!Tier members. Fire! Tier members will receive a special link via email that will allow them Early Access to purchase the select items while supplies last. Once the limited number of select items are sold, no further purchases will be allowed until the national retail sales launch on 4/26/22. Only current Taco Bell Rewards Members who have achieved Fire! Tier status as of 4/19/22, will receive the email. Non-transferable and cannot be combined with any other offer.

Taco Bell® And CALPAK Drop Spicy New Travel Collection (2024)


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