Wizard101's Socketing and Jewels: A Guide (2024)

March 30, 2015Test Realm,Wizard101

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Wizard101's Socketing and Jewels: A Guide (1)

The Wizard101 Test Realm includes a huge new feature: sockets. These are open jewel slots on gear in which particular jewels can be attached to add stats to gear. But, it's a complicated system with a number of catches.

Socketing Terminology

Affixing and shattering jewels. Locked sockets and socket wrenches. It can all be a little confusing. Before I begin, familiarize yourself which what each one actually means.

Affixing - what is done when combining a jewel and an item
Socketing - the process of combining jewels and items
Shattering - destroying an old jewel attached to an item
Jewel - a special item that is dropped or crafted to be attached to another item
Socket - an available slot on an item in which a jewel can be placed
Socket Wrench - dropped item that unlocks sockets

Socketing Walkthrough

I am going to walk you through the process in a series of questions, beginning with the very basics and how you start and ending with more complex questions.

How do I get started?

Wizard101's Socketing and Jewels: A Guide (2)
Jewel drop

To use the socketing system in Wizard101, you must be at least level 15 and you must have completed the Wizard City crafting quest from Eudora Tangletree. Once you meet these requirements, talk to Eloise in the Commons to begin the quest that allows you to socket jewels.

Where do I get jewels?

Jewels come from bosses around the Spiral. They may also come from certain chests, as "treasure troves" is unspecific. The jewel vendor in Wizard City also mentions "lost hoards," which seems to indicate that there will be packs with jewels in the near future.

How do I affix jewels?

Assuming you've completed the introduction quest, open you backpack to the item you want. You can affix jewels to Athames, Amulets, Rings, and Decks. Down by the trash and equip buttons, you'll see one with jewels. Click on that one. You'll get a screen like the one up top.

Now you can tab through your different jewels and select one that works with your item, then click the "affix" button. Be warned, though, this can't be undone!

Why can't I affix certain jewels?

You cannot affix jewels to an item you cannot equip, even if you will be able to equip it later and don't meet the level requirement. You may also find that the types of sockets in your item don't match the type of jewel you are attempting to affix. There must be an available shape that matches. The final possibility is that your socket spot on the item is locked, and must be unlocked before use.

Wizard101's Socketing and Jewels: A Guide (3)
Unable to affix - no square socket available

Who sells jewel recipes?

Jewel recipes are sold by vendors across the Spiral:Katherine Rockhammer and Eudora Tangletree in Wizard City, Wul’yahm in Krokotopia, Felicia Worthington in Marleybone, Toshio in Mooshu, Bathazar Dragonthorn in Dragonspyre, Aegeus in Celestia, Marwa Jadetusk in Zafaria, Shane Macgobhann in Avalon, Yaxche in Azteca and Wozina the Edgecutter in Khrysalis.

What are random crafting recipes?

The random recipes with jewel crafting mean you get a jewel of that tier and school, but what it gives it not for certain. If you have a level 35 onyx recipe, you'll get a level 35+ Death jewel, but it could be for resistance, damage, accuracy, or any other stat specific to Death.

How do I craft jewels?

Jewels are crafted on a Jewel Crafting Station, which you receive as a reward from the introduction quest. Place this in your home and operate it like any other crafting station.

Where are my jewels stored?

Jewels are stored with you, but not in your backpack. Click the top right arrow to change from items to housing items, and so on, until you hit jewels. You can hold up to 100 at a time, and all of your jewels stay here.

Wizard101's Socketing and Jewels: A Guide (4)
Unlocking sockets on a level 100+ item

What are locked sockets?

Some items have socket spaces that show a lock over them. This is one reason you might not be able to affix a jewel that you have a spot for. Most items come with at least some of their sockets locked, meaning not everything is available to begin with.

How do I unlock locked sockets?

You can unlock locked sockets one of two ways. The first is with a socket wrench. These are dropped from bosses across the Spiral, and vary in degree. The higher level your item and the more sockets, the more advanced of a socket wrench you will need. Alternatively, you can pay crowns to unlock all of the sockets. The price scales with the level of the item, but you shouldn't normally pay over 150 crowns to unlock all of your sockets.

Where do I get socket wrenches?

Socket wrenches are dropped from bosses in the Spiral. They come in five forms: Novice, Adept, Expert, Master, and Artisan. They can be placed as decorations in your house or used to unlock locked sockets. The boss's level will determine what degree of socket wrench you receive. Lower level bosses typically drop Novice or Adept socket wrenches, while someone like Morganthe drops Artisan socket wrenches.

Wizard101's Socketing and Jewels: A Guide (5)
Two locked sockets to no locked sockets to all four full sockets

Can I trade socket items and jewels?

Yes, and no. The idea is that a socketed item is unique to every player, and that includes on your account. That means they don't want you to choose one play style for every wizard and make one item that you shift around. You can put jewels and items with socket slots in your shared bank, but you can not trade items that have jewels in the sockets already.

What happens if I sell an item with jewels?

If you sell an item with jewels to a vendor, both the jewels and item are lost. If you sell the item to the Bazaar, all of the jewels inside of it are destroyed and only the item is available to be purchased by other wizards. My recommendation is to lock all of your items which have jewels in them.

How do I take a jewel out of an item?

Once a jewel is in an item, you will never be able to affix that jewel to another item. The only way to get it out of your current one is to open the item in the socketing window using the button next to trash and equip, and to click on a jewel and choose "Shatter." This will destroy the jewel (you will not get it back), and leave the spot open to add a new jewel.

Jewel Differences

Jewel names are a big hint to what they give. Here are a few quick charts outlining it.

Level Restriction
Cracked -15+

Chipped - 25+

Flawed - 35+

Blemished - 45+

Dull - 55+

Plain - 65+

Opaque - 75+

Clear - 85+

Polished - 95+

Lustrous -105+

Damage - Damage

Defense - Resistance

Critical - Critical

Blocking - Critical Block

Piercing - Armor Piercing

Health - Health

Mana - Mana

Accurate - Accuracy

Fishing - Fishing Luck

[Spell Name] - Spell Card

Mending - Outgoing Healing

Pip - Power Pip Chance

Resilient - Stun Resistance


Amethyst - Storm

Ruby - Fire

Sapphire - Ice

Citrine - Balance

Onyx - Death

Peridot - Myth

Jade - Life

Opal - Any

Hematite - Shadow

What other questions do you have about socketing? Have you tried it out yet?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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Wizard101's Socketing and Jewels: A Guide (2024)


How to unlock jewel sockets in wizard101? ›

These can be unlocked by using Crowns or a Socket Wrench. Socket Wrenches are obtained by defeating bosses throughout the Spiral and come in 5 different types: Novice, Adept, Expert, Master and Artisan. Socket Wrenches can be placed on the walls of your house for display. Each Jewel can only be placed in a socket once.

How do you put jewels in items in wizard101? ›

Open your backpack, highlight the item you want to add a jewel to. Click the Jewel icon below. Select a jewel and socket and click affix.

Are socket wrenches single use in wizard101? ›

Socket wrenches are single use only. Re: Sockets. There should be a reusable socket wrench that is available as a super-rare drop or purchased with crowns.

How to get a socket wrench in Wizard101? ›

Socket Wrenches are only dropped by Meowiarty in Big Ben. You can check up on that on the wiki. Meowiarty might be the only boss in Marleybone that drops a Socket Wrench but he's by no means the only boss that drops them. They're all over the Spiral.

What bosses drop jewels in Wizard101? ›

For critical jewels specifically for the Myth School (around your level), these bosses/mobs drop them:
  • Night Goblin.
  • Swimming Specter.
  • Poseidon Earth Shaker (Atlantea)
  • Keela White Talon.
  • Goliath Bruiser.
  • Spectre of the Brocken.
Feb 10, 2019

Where can I farm legendary Socket Wrench in Wizard101? ›

Currently the only way to get Legendary Socket Wrenches, the current highest tier of Socket Wrench, is from four different Quests in Karamelle. Strangely, there is no other way to get these wrenches; there are no mobs that drop them and no other way to obtain them either.

Are wrenches better than sockets? ›

Socket wrenches are more versatile and durable, making them suitable for a wider range of tasks, while ratchet wrenches excel at quick jobs and repetitive tasks. Depending on the task at hand, it is important to choose the right tool for the job to get the best results.

Do I need a Socket Wrench? ›

Socket wrenches are widely used hand tools for easy tightening and loosening of common fasteners, typically nuts and bolts. They work in much the same way as standard spanners and wrenches, but their ratcheting design allows the user to apply torque more easily, with less strain and fatigue.

How many points does a single hex socket have? ›

A hex socket set, also called a 6-point socket set, is designed to fit over a standard 6 sided hexagonal shaped nut or bolt head. These are the most common type of socket.

What bosses drop socket wrenches in Wizard101? ›

Dropped By:
  • Krokopatra. - Final boss of Krokotopia. - Located in Temple of Storms. - Storm boss, 1,200 HP, Rank 5. Other Notable Drops: Holiday Pets, Krokopatra Exalted & Master Duels.
  • Meowiarty. - Final boss of Marleybone. - Located in Big Ben. - Myth boss, 2,500 HP, Rank 6. ...
  • Spirit of Ignorance.
Nov 18, 2019

What are the tiers of socket wrenches in wizard101? ›

Socket Wrenches:
  • Novice's Socket Wrench: Level 15 - 30.
  • Adept's Socket Wrench: Level 35 - 54.
  • Expert's Socket Wrench: Level 55 - 74.
  • Master's Socket Wrench: Level 75 - 94.
  • Artisan's Socket Wrench: Level 95 - 114.
  • Grandmaster Socket Wrench: Level 116 - 132.
  • Legendary Socket Wrench: Level 135+
Jan 28, 2023

How do you start jewel crafting in Wizard101? ›

To get started with it, talk to Eloise Merryweather in The Commons in Wizard City. She'll direct you to Katherine Rockhammer who has a tutorial, and will provide you with a Jewel Crafting Table. Jewel crafting includes an interesting twist. When you craft a Jewel, the final outcome can vary!

How do you get tear jewels in Wizard101? ›

Tear jewels are randomly dropped from various enemies, they can also be bought from jewel crafting vendors and from the pvp vendor on unicorn way. The end game tear jewels (125 HP) are farmed in the final four dungeons in empyrea.

How do you get jewel plants in Wizard101? ›

Re: Jewel Plants

From what I can see, it is a drop you can get from the Farley's Gardening Pack (499 Crowns) and for the Jewel Star Blossom you can also find that jewel plant in the Zafaria Safari Pack (399 Crowns). It also aligns with the game house Item Identifier.

What level can you affix jewels? ›

Starting Jewel Socketing

Players can now add Jewels to many of their Amulets, Athames, Rings and Decks! Wizards level 15 and above who have completed the crafting quest The Razor's Edge will need to visit Eloise Merryweather in the Wizard City Commons to take on the quest Digging Into A New Challenge.


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